Daily History- May 2, In The World of Movies

The 2nd of May holds a number of significant events in history. In the world of movies, this date is also quite significant, most especially in film. First off, in the year 1887, Hannibal Goodwin applied for a patent for a method of producing transparent and flexible roll of film out of a nitrocellulose film base. The said film made using the method was used in the Kinetoscope, an invention by Thomas Edison which a very early machine used to view animation. Hannibal Goodwin was a retired Episcopal priest who wanted to find a way to find a transparent non-breakable substance to hold the images used in his sermons.

May 2 is also the day in 1902 that the film “A Trip to the Moon” was released. Created by French magician Georges Melies,it is considered as the very first science fiction film ever released to the public. The story is about a group of astronomers who travel to the moon riding in a capsule propelled by a canon. The innovative methods it used in terms of effects and storytelling had an influence on later films.